Youtubers Life

The ultimate life simulation/tycoon videogame in which you can become the world's greatest video blogger in history

Youtubers Life

More views, comments. Create different hairstyle, customize them to be a celebrity!

The live of a youtuber is stressing, think about, new videos and reviews, do you have time for a boyfriend/girlfriend? Youtubers live is a real tycoon simulator of an influencer’s life, you need to manage the life of your avatar and decide between being an internet star or improving your school calcifications. Do you want to be a billionaire? It is a children game.

In this simulator game you will be a videogaming tycoon: you can edit a gameplay... Everything has an impact in your channels: become a tycoon with your video clicker. Money is important for your blog or blogs; can you live like a blogger?

Create your character:

  • Change your clothes for each streaming, to be the star of blog!
  • Make money in this simulator gaming in your studio.
  • Popular life and increase the number of subscribers.
  • Look your budget grow! You can take a viral selfie to get likes…or unlikes!
  • Be a hater in other channels and steal their followers.
  • Tuber account is a high opportunity for an online tycoon vlogger.
  • Create your own story, and choose the outfit. Be a trend in games!
  • It is a kid game. Management your time, video and audience!

What kind of avatar do you want?, idle, music, gamer, cooking, shopping sport… Every decision can make you a billionaire! Stay in control of your management. Be a popular youtuber, take a selfie and have a boyfriend / girlfriend. Gameplay sessions, buy new and classic consoles, keep an eye on daily tasks, and socialize to increase your popularity while you deal with fan, fans, friends, family and time management!

Real stream simulator! Are you ready for the life recording sessions with the best games? Do you have the best mobile device and a good connection? You will need both to increase your subscribers! Choose your star name and become the manager of your time in this tycoon simulator. Can you have more followers than pewdiepie? It is a kids games!

Build an avatar vlogger or a blogger and enjoy building your luxury life! Living an influencer life was never easier than with this tycoon simulator. Custom your desk with a computer, laptop, screen, camera and be the best vlogger in games. It is a real social media!

It’s time for a game social session! Or maybe you prefer to spend time answering comments or doing video. You decide how to manage the youtuber’s life! It is a real tycoon simulator game! Be the builder of your vlog! Publish a video, have a record!

First step is the customization of your simulator, go to shopping and choose a cap, hair style, hair colour, dress up… what hairstyle do you choose? You will also need to pay attention to clothes and subscribers: choose your shirt, pants, jeans and shoes! Be the best youtuber ever and enjoy the life of a famous social media star! You have more subscribers every day! You will battle with all their might to get your autograph! Read the comments! Green hairstyle!

Brands and sponsors are looking for a new network star and social media influencer. If you are a famous star and your profile has millions of dollars, you can sign a multi-million dollar contract! Become a new avatar trending topic in this tycoon simulator of video. Create a blog and your lifestyle and be on top of the networks! And go to shopping new videogames! Play with you millionaire friends!

Management, editing, make a review of your favourite film, video, show your cooking style or make new cooking recipe. Spend your money in new material for you, party, shopping videogames and game consoles. You can also learn to cake ice cream or other food recipes. When is your new video going to air? Make a billionaire youtubers party! The more viewers you blog has, the more popular you’ll be! More VIP’s will be interested in meeting you. Important high-tech and brands will contact you and will meet other tycoon billionaire youtubers!