Arena of Valor

Join as five, battle as one

Arena of Valor

One of the best MOBAs to get into if you’re new to the series.

Arena of Valor is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game designed by the experts at Tencent Games for Nintendo Switch. Explore and command a roster of over 35 fearless heroes, with roles including Tanks, Assassins, Mages, Support, Warriors, and Marksmen. Build the ultimate team with your friends to crush your opponents in real-time online battles.

Arena of Valor is probably one of the best MOBAs to get into if you’re new to the series. With its beginner-friendly features and plenty of heroes to choose from, it’s fairly easy to learn your way around and start competing against other players. On the other hand, Arena of Valor offers just enough depth and a spice of variety to entice MOBA veterans to pick up the game on the Nintendo Switch.

The tutorial for Arena of Valor tells you everything you need to know about playing the game. AoV is a MOBA, and the primary objective for most of its modes is to work your way through enemy towers, defeating A.I. controlled grunts and human opponents alike, until you and your team take down the opposition’s core. Players start each round at square one, leveling up their character by defeating foes, taking down towers, or eliminating any of the monsters found off the main path of battle. As players level up and gain money, they’ll unlock and strengthen special moves, and buy armor, accessories, and attack buffs, all in real time.